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Rebecca Martin
Rebecca Martin joined Phi design in 2009 as a designer and project manager. Rebecca holds a Bachelor degree in Design (Architecture) from the University of Sydney
and Bachelor of Interior Architecture with first class honours from the University
of New South Wales.

Rebecca began her career whilst at university working
part time with Harry Seidler
and Associates. Between
her degrees she gained international experience in Ireland on a series of multi
unit dwellings
and residential projects.
Since working for Phi Design, Rebecca has worked to complete many successful projects including the ‘Wine Library’, Oxford Street,
a studio in Dural, a pavilion
at Rookwood Cemetery
and many more to come.
Rebecca sees Phi design
as a company that provides inspiration and guidance for
both employees and clients.
The ideas produced are unique and highly researched, with each detail of every project being carefully managed
through to completion.